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Choosing Clothing

It is common to use a full set of clothing, including underwear, socks or stockings, and sometime even shoes if so desired. Families usually prefer their loved one to be dressed in his or hers own cloths.  A dress or a suit may not always be the choice. Jeans, t-shirts, sweatpants, sport team jersey are common clothing chosen by families.  We keep a selection of men's suit sets and women's dress selections at the funeral home in the event you feel new clothing is necessary.


Also know that jewelry and other personal items you bring can be placed in the casket and left in the casket for burial, or returned to you prior to closing the casket for the final time.


A recent photograph or two are helpful for our funeral directors and hairdresser as they prepare the body for viewing.  The photographs are also used on this website and at your request they are submitted with the newspaper obituary.

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