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Newspaper Guidelines

There are many ways to say farewell from formal funeral services to private home-setting celebrations. They all form a part of the way we say goodbye. Obituaries or death notices, however, are a public way we share our final farewell celebration. It is part of the way we say goodbye - the public posting of final words. Some obituaries indicate much thought and much reflection on the life that was lived.

A DEATH NOTICE is a minimal amount of survivor and service information. The funeral home must place the death notice in the newspaper for you.  You are actually purchasing advertising space.  You pay for the space needed to print the death notice.

The funeral home usually forwards this same information to the Community Newspapers (ie: Western Hills Press, Northwest Press, Delhi Press & Price Hill News.). They publish an edited version of the notice for free.

An OBITUARY is usually a more detailed account of a person's life and is often prepared for the newspaper by the family. Obituaries are a written form of collective remembrances. They remind us of others as well as ourselves - parents or grandparents of friends, the young suddenly departing, the loss of "valiant struggles" against diseases not yet conquered. Obituary information can be submitted by the family direct to the Cincinnati Enquirer at

When community members leave, whether we know them personally or not, we mark their time with us by publicly commemorating their passing. The final words are one way we say goodbye and the way we will remember. These final words are often the way survivors pay tribute, perhaps make amends, and express hope for immortality.

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