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Funeral Cost Information

EVERY FUNERAL HOME you visit  MUST provide you a copy of the General Price List BEFORE a discussion of any funeral services may take place.  This price list is for you to retain upon completion of your discussions.  A Casket Price List  MUST be provided before viewing and selecting a casket.  An Outer Burial Container Price List  MUST be provided before viewing and selecting a vault.  These price lists allow to compare, "apples-to-apples".

Additionally, funeral homes MUST provide price information over the telephone.

Rebold, Rosenacker & Sexton Funeral Home does everything possible to make sure our prices are fair and appropriate for both the families we serve and to assure the successful continuation of our business. Most families make funeral decisions based upon the level of service and value they perceive. Few make decisions totally upon prices. Common sense tells us you cannot have first class service in the finest facility for the cheapest price. We work hard to provide the families entrusted to us with a comfortable atmosphere, the finest service, and merchandise at reasonable and fair prices. Our General Price List will be provided to you upon your visit to the funeral home. The Casket Price List and Outer Burial Container Price List are available in the funeral home only. Please continue to the General Price List tab for more detailed information.

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